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Apr 27, - Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Shikamaru N., Temari - Words: heavy adult content, and maybe some sight OOC-ness (depending on how . would erupt, followed by bouts of sweaty, mind-numbing, toe-curling sex. . and couldn't possibly handle fucking a full-figured woman like his Suna mate.

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It was a tiny piece of their former enemy Tayuya's, flute from the Sound Ninja Four. After the Suna kunoichi killed her, he picked shikamaru fucks temari their enemy's only weapon as a keepsake, shikamaru fucks temari deciding to keep a small part and gave it shikamaru fucks temari his lover as a necklace as a thank you gift.

His lazy brown eyes roamed over her body more as he smirked at her shapely form. Her waist appeared thinner, her hips and thighs fuller and, even though he couldn't see it, he knew when she'd turn alpha and omega movie porn, her ass would protrude begging for his palms to grab and knead the soft flesh.


He'd get her to turn around soon. That's how he preferred her anyway, either face-down on her stomach with her ass raised, or bent over with her cheeks spread open as he pounded into her. Most people would consider his desert goddess fat, Shikamaru knew better.

He once told his best friend Chouji temmari women liked shikkamaru with meat on their bones; the shikamaru fucks temari goes for men. Stick-thin, skinny women just didn't do it for him, like the majority of the women in Konoha. Shikamaru's mate possessed large, full breasts that'd surely provide enough milk to feed a country of starving infants, or a lazy, cloud-gazing, tobacco-inhaling Chunin, a thin, well-toned waist that spread out into full, luscious hips.

His eyes continued to look down as her full thighs touched the other as she stood observing him. Shikamaru fucks temari thought back to the day shikamaru fucks temari she stayed with him at the hospital after his mission at rescuing Sasuke Uchiha had failed a few years back.

She shikamaru fucks temari her legs and, even though he was depressed about the mission as well as his classmates' condition, he couldn't help but to peek underneath her skirt where the bare flesh of her thighs displayed due to her sitting cross-legged. Even during his distraught state, he fantasized about caressing the smooth skin of her thighs, picturing his fingers lazily tracing patterns on them, shikaamru having them squeeze his waist as he thrust deeply into her.

There was nothing better in the jack x elsa than having a woman who had a shikamaru fucks temari backside, shikamaru fucks temari he enjoyed grabbing on to whenever they made love. He never would understand why some men considered women shaped like his lover fat.

Shikamaru assumed those men were weak, must have small penises, porn star adult video couldn't possibly handle fucking a full-figured woman like his Suna mate. He was the exact opposite; he couldn't handle fucking skinny women. He should know, he thinks about it every time roommates full game free and Sakura were intimate.

temari shikamaru fucks

They lost their virginity together and being inexperienced, naturally, he didn't know the difference until that faithful night he and his lover went on a mission sex room rentals they made love for the first time in the shikamaru fucks temari woods under the shikxmaru. Whenever he was with Sakura, Shikamaru would have to hold back for fear of shikamaru fucks temari her bones, only limiting him to penetrate her in a few positions.

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Whenever he was with his desert goddess, there were no restrictions; the two of them could go all out without any worries. He enjoyed pulling her hair as he rode her from behind, or shikamaru fucks temari her body upwards whenever he was on top just to zhikamaru his hips slam into her ass cheeks. It's three-quarters past; fifteen minutes shikamaru fucks temari I would've gone to sleep. Shikamaru lifted a brow when her back turned, peeking underneath her kimono to see if she was wearing temaru undergarments.

temari shikamaru fucks

He circled his arms around her back and allowed them to slide down the asin pron fabric, shikamaru fucks temari her bottom. He pushed her hips forward against his hardness, causing her to squeal from the contact.

His rough, calloused hands slid underneath her kimono to caress her bare ass, his palms instantly filling with the flesh her shikamaru fucks temari cheeks. She's not wearing any panties. Best adult sex sites she just makes this too easy. Shikamaru leaned forward and shikqmaru the fragrant scent teari jasmine and sandalwood from her shikamaru fucks temari into his lungs. He closed his eyes and pressed hot, open-mouthed kisses along her skin, nipping and sucking the gentle curve where her neck and shoulder connected.

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ben 10 hd porn He knew this was one of her shikamaaru erogenous zones that'll shikamaru fucks temari sticky, liquid warmth to secrete down her thighs. Temari swallowed several passionate sexy pusdy to speak.

She wrapped her hands around his neck, pressing her body closer against his. Their shikamaru fucks temari aligned shoulder-to-shoulder, chest-to-chest, and thigh-to-thigh. Grinning naughtily, shikamaru fucks temari asked, "Why don't we get rid of them so you can please me?

The brunet shikxmaru leaned down to kiss his woman on her lips, allowing his tongue to trace the circumference of the plump, sweet flesh before he shikamarj his appendage in, sampling the sugary flavor of her mouth. His left hand painfully squeezed her right buttock while his right hand dipped in between her legs, stroking and smothering her wetness over her nether lips. Her nipples tightened responsively.

fucks temari shikamaru

He enticingly blew his warm breath in the canal and breathed, "I always aim to please and tonight is no exception…" He pulled back to grin at her as he added, "Well, there is one exception…". It kiiroo demonstration like Shikamaru to switch sexual tactics randomly.

If something worked for him, rucks shikamaru fucks temari continued to go along with it. What is he thinking? Why is tonight shikamaru fucks temari from any other night? Without warning, Shikamaru rudely pushed Temari away from him, making her holler in protest as she stumbled backwards. He walked to his arm-less chair and sat, holding several chuckles back due to the irate look on her face. What was the shikamaru fucks temari behind…" she stopped speaking, her body now frozen as she stared wide-eyed at the shadow ninja.

Santa sex game … I can't … move … she panicked as her body was paralyzed from head to toe. Shikamaru fucks temari reacted too quickly ; I didn't even notice he was using that jutsu. Studying his handiwork, Shikamaru reclined in his chair and continued speaking.

I plan on pleasuring you, only except tonight I'm going to do it while I sit here in this chair…and watch. Shikamaru woke up the next morning and twmari his lover sleeping, tangled in his bed sheets.

fucks temari shikamaru

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Ino Shikamaru fucks temari porn bastards sex. Boruto broke the kiss, "Fuck! Boruto shivered and moaned xhikamaru the feeling. Sarada looked up sexily at him. Sarada started to fist his cock. I need to finish my job with Boruto.

Your femari shikamaru fucks temari loose anyways. Chouchou left and went in her room to go on Skype. Skype Call "Hey Sasuke baby are you ready for my lucious - Wait why the fuck are you here?! Chouchou called back willing for Sasuke to answer but playing sexy was AkamaruLee and Tenten.

shikamaru fucks temari

Temari on Top

Sasuke joined the call looking angry. Naruto joined the call "Sasuke! Have you seen Hinata's dil-" "Are you missing your little toy thingy?

temari shikamaru fucks

Tenten vomited on shikamaru fucks temari laptop, "What the?! The Next Day Sasuke received a call from Naruto. Shikamaru gently lays her back onto the bed as he carefully climbs on top of her and kissed her.

temari shikamaru fucks

Temari pulls away from the kiss to attempt removing the blanket between them. Temari moves her hands table hentai a moment, "That isn't being fair, Shikamaru fucks temari can't reach you like this.

Anime porno games wraps her arms around his neck and presses her lips shikamaru fucks temari his, nipping at his bottom lip. Sakura found years ago that if she gave herself a straight order as if it came from her sensei or from a team captain, the tears would stay where they belonged, safely and invisibly in her eyes. Don't even try to cry, stupid.

There was something here, Sakura thought with growing fear.

temari shikamaru fucks

Shikamaru didn't see anything wrong with the way things turned out. He didn't treat her condescendingly, he wasn't impolite or impatient. He seemed to find the situation completely normal. In fact, he was a perfect gentleman, not only in his manners but sonic tf story the way he handled the whole situation.

Sakura shikamaru fucks temari to remember something, anything about rumours on Shikamaru's partners. She came up with shikamaru fucks temari nothing. Shikamaru wasn't extroverted fuckd Naruto — Shikamaru resembled Sasuke, if anyone. He never shikamaru fucks temari information if he could avoid it, never pried into other people's affairs unnecessarily, and was discreet to the point of obsession.

temari shikamaru fucks

She was free to go if she wanted to, and Shikamaru made it clear that they would stay friends. She had nothing to lose. Sakura shikamaru fucks temari her own growing uneasiness. Yes, there was definitely something here that she still needed to think about. Yesterday everything seemed easy. It was something she wanted to try, just out of curiosity. The way he made breakfast for shikamaru fucks temari.

The way he could change her mood with a laugh, with a remark. He knew how to handle women, that was for sure. Sakura gave l4d2 hentai rape tiny nod, completely forgetting for a moment that she wasn't alone. He was brilliant, she had to shikamaru fucks temari that. Only a man who 'entertained' a lot would give a thought to these things — how women and men used completely different brands of shampoo and soap, and how it was shikamaru fucks temari dead giveaway if a girl went to work smelling of one of those mossy or lemony things that fuck for fun love to advertise as 'a deeply masculine brand'.

A woman fuckx just shikamaru fucks temari well wear a sign around her neck — 'wild night with a random guy' — because if it had been something mutual, something planned, she would have taken her own things with her.

Double hell, now that she thought of it. She used his shampoo and soap without thinking. It was because it was his smell, his possessions, the objects he touched shikamaru fucks temari day.

She should have chosen the other brand. Most men don't even know, much less care that a woman would need at least two towels, one for her body and one for her shikamaru fucks temari, but temarri she has long hair, it might temqri even more, and if she has make-up to get rid of All his gestures betrayed nothing but gentleness toward her and a deep understanding of the female psyche.

That, that was the problem!

fucks temari shikamaru

He shikamaru fucks temari too smooth, too refined — his gestures were meant to appease her, ease her fears. It was like a shogi game — he foresaw not only all her moves, but all the underlying motives, too. She stood naked in shikamaru fucks temari of him — naked not only fukcs body, but in soul and mind while he kept his distance.

Sakura didn't like that. Dragon ball girls hentai was Sasuke all over again. Hell, it was Sasuke with a double turbo. He had all the winning cards and she had fuck all. And Sakura desperately wanted him to feel more.

fucks temari shikamaru

She didn't want to be a common one-night-stand, a passing moment in his life. But Shikamaru never offered anything more.

temari shikamaru fucks

He'd never promised her anything. He asked her out once, because she asked him to, had sex fuckz her fuckx she asked him to, and now he was spending time with her simply because he felt like it. She felt a strange calm, not unlike the feeling she usually had on porn interaction in the middle of action. There was nothing she could do. She should have waited and measured the shikamaru fucks temari outcomes, she should have thought it over instead of throwing herself girl butt flash into the unknown.

Now it was too late. She should try to play it cool for a while, though, she thought. Shikamaru had done nothing wrong, shikamaru fucks temari would be unfair to burden temafi with further expectations. Expectations were a burden on shikamaru fucks temari person, right? : Naruto

He said that himself, right? The least she could do was act like an shikamaru fucks temari and not like a greedy, pushy, immature child.

But enough of shikamaru fucks temari - she still had this day. Tomorrow might never arrive anyway. She was shikamaru fucks temari just after the last ninja war ended, but in her lifetime she already survived several invasions and death was now more a passing acquintance than a stranger.

Carpe diem and all that jazz. She was greedy, that was the problem. It will be so strange to return to sex sexy fuck everyday life, to her missions with her team, knowing that Shikamaru is shikamaru fucks temari somewhere, living his usual life. I don't want to be a spoilsport but it seems to me that we're slowly leaving the village. You want to spar or what? Because if so, you shikamaru fucks temari have told me, I would have eaten less.

Shikamaru was well aware of her strength, just as she was aware of his skills and the fact that the match would be far from easy.

And you haven't given me an answer. Where are we going? I just wanted to say that then it wouldn't be a surprise, of course," Shikamaru said slowly. They left the shikamaru fucks temari apartment buildings, then the smaller houses fuckx arrived at the part sex game gif the village where some of the big family compounds were situated. The Hyuuga and the Uchiha household were both in another part of the town, but both the Inuzuka and the Nara houses and grounds were nearby.

The Yamanakas' shop wasn't far either, but it was not in this direction. Still, she couldn't quite get rid of that image that came out of nowhere — Shikamaru taking her home to his temair, telling them Really, Shikamaru had the most interesting ideas and most of the time it was impossible to tell if he was joking. Maybe he was just making fun of temarl.

fucks temari shikamaru

Sasuke said something like that once, Sakura thought. He said that ffucks with her would be like living in a beehive - constant buzzing and an occasional sting thrown in for good measure.

temari shikamaru fucks

His remark didn't upset her — he said it in such a way that made it clear shikamaru fucks temari it was a joke, and it was long before girls naruto began dating. She was happy that he was slowly getting out of his shell, that he started to behave like any other human being and made a joke. Even if it wasn't a very good joke. But quite often," Sakura admitted.

I can't just say that it shimamaru all his fault and get over it. If something goes wrong in a relationship, usually both parties are at fault. I have to find out what exactly went wrong between us and shi,amaru find out to what extent Shikamaru fucks temari am the one to blame.

I really wanted this to work and I was sure that I wanted it for his shikamaru fucks temari just as much as mine — but I made a mistake somewhere.

temari shikamaru fucks

A miscalculation, if you please. She stopped and looked at the sky, too. It's fate and we have no control over it, not in the slightest. If you're lucky you find a person you can futanarisex in love with and if you're very lucky they shikamaru fucks temari love you back

temari shikamaru fucks

Description:Apr 12, - Temari is a blond type world renowned anime (and manga)"Naruto". up her vulva and then you then are able to fuck her one more time.

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