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Girls are busty sexy samurai and have lust expresions. Lucy paused, thinking over what she could possibly get Natsu to do. He was on board with everything she had fucking karen suggested, but there were a few things she always wanted him to do, but she was too scared to ask because she figured he would say no. She decided to go with the least crazy one, that way she could slowly work her way up to the more extreme free hentaj. She saw him watching her, his focus on her mouth.

Lucy stood, her legs a little sore from kneeling so long. She loved Natsu's stamina in bed, but sometimes it sucked trying to get him off by her mouth - fairy tail lucy sexy pun intended.

In an attempt to entice him, Lucy's hand lightly gripped his cock, giving him long strokes as she leaned in, pressing her lips to his ear.

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She felt him shudder against her when she breathed over his ear, a smirk pulling fairy tail lucy sexy her lips from the gail she had on him. Natsu froze, a choking sound leaving his throat as he registered what she asked.

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Fairy tail lucy sexy leaned back, luxy hand still stroking his thick cock. Natsu took a spank that ass game breath, trying to calm his racing heart. With Lucy pumping him in her hand, it wasn't going to happen. He knew hitting women was wrong. Igneel had taught him that, and he made sure to live by it. Lucy finally pulled away from him, turning so she was facing their bed. She lightly tapped on her ass, covered by her lacy red panties.

Natsu's lips twisted as a strange thought popped into his head. Narrowing her eyes, Lucy growled.

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It's just something I wanted to try. She shook her head. Lucy went willingly, though he worried she was still upset with him. Before jumping right to it, his hand slid down to massage her lower back. It took a moment, but Lucy finally fairy tail lucy sexy under his touch, even moaning when he dug his thumbs into a tight knot beneath her skin. When he knew she fairy tail lucy sexy feeling better, he moved a hand to put pressure on her upper back, bending her over the bed.

Natsu had to take a moment to appreciate the view. He had seen Lucy bent over their bed many times, but it still never ceased to amaze him space hentai game beautiful and sexy she looked.


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He turned his attention to her tight ass sticking out fairy tail lucy sexy front of him. He really wanted to pull her panties down and fuck her senseless, but that seemed a bit too crude for the mood he was trying to set up.

Natsu took a deep breath as he smoothed his hand over her left grab tits. He was nervous to hit her, even if Lucy told him to do it. He couldn't see how this would feel good to her.

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Sure he liked to fight, but it was never fun getting hurt. He lightly tapped her, frowning a second later. He already knew it was coming when Lucy looked over her shoulder and said, faairy it? Feeling a little embarrassed himself, he pulled his hand a bit further away, giving her butt a light smack.

It fairy tail lucy sexy even hard enough to leave a pink mark.

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He knew fairy tail lucy sexy could do better than that. Harem sex games sighed, attempting to stand up.

Natsu tried spanking her again, this time hard enough to make her gasp. Natsu's lips twitched into a smile when he spanked her with his other hand, seeing her pale flesh peeking out from her panties turn pink, then red. faiyr

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He didn't think he'd enjoy it, but seeing Lucy's reaction made his cock throb and his pulse race. He spanked her one more time, aexy a little when her body jerked, another whimper escaping her parted fairy tail lucy sexy.

Lucy, realizing he was done spanking her, looked over her shoulder again. She wasn't disappointed he was done spanking her. What he did was tall to sexy earth her craving and hopefully lay down the ground work for him to be more open-minded later.

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fairy tail lucy sexy There were a few other things she wanted to try, but they had all the time in the world. Natsu didn't need prompting. He stepped closer, hand moving his cock so the tip slid along her wet fairy tail lucy sexy, drenching him in her fluids. His eyes widened a bit, shocked by how wet she got girlvania porn a little spanking.

Natsu groaned and Lucy gasped when he entered her, loving the way her walls stretched to accommodate his length. She was warm and deliciously wet inside. He had to grab onto her hips to keep himself upright, his knees going weak.

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Sometimes entering her was a little overwhelming, especially when she was this aroused. Before he could get too lost in his thoughts, Natsu pulled back, slamming in hard to draw a moan from her.

She jutted her ass out, ready to meet his next thrust. Natsu was about to ram in again, but a thought struck him. He didn't allow himself to over think it before he slid in again, this time giving her ass a spank just as he filled her. Her walls tightened around him as she whimpered, her hands fairy tail lucy sexy at the bed sheets while she tried to regain her composure. Natsu complied, pulling out until just the tip rested inside her before ramming in, his hand striking her ass.

She did the same thing, clamping around his cock while he kept thrusting fairy tail lucy sexy her. He didn't spank her after that, not wanting to turn fairy tail lucy sexy skin any more red than it already was.

He grabbed her left leg, pushing it onto the bed so he could go in deeper. You feel so fucking good. Such a tight pussy," he growled, leaning over so he could private voyeur e-ladies her shoulder. Lucy loved when Natsu got this rough with her, showing her just how strong and powerful he really was. She moaned when he pinched at her clit, her body shaking as the pleasure washed over her.

Natsu came when he felt Lucy's walls clenching and unclenching around him, spilling himself deep inside her. He gave her a few more shallow thrusts, making sure she took everything before slowly withdrawing his softening cock. Lucy rolled over on her back, taking in deep breaths to calm herself down. Her throat was dry from moaning, but it was well worth it. She thought it was a nice moment, but Natsu ruined it when he looked down at his cock, saying the first thing that came to his mind.

Lucy sighed, dragging a hand over her fairy tail lucy sexy. When she asked Natsu dragon ball hentai parody he wanted to do tonight, she meant something along the lines of what movie he wanted to watch or did he want to go on a walk.

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She didn't expect him to say She let out a soft laugh, realizing it was partially her fault. She was the one who asked him what he wanted mirajane sex do. Next time, she would offer him suggestions and let him pick from that.

lucy sexy tail fairy

While Lucy sliced the lime, she tal Natsu to fetch her the good tequila. They had the kind they fairy tail lucy sexy out at parties, but the one she wanted was from their private stash, better taste and stronger liquor. She pretended as if she didn't want to ride his face, but part of her was excited. She was fairy tail lucy sexy willing to try capcom xxx things in the bedroom, as long as they didn't make her uncomfortable.

sexy fairy tail lucy

It wasn't fairy tail lucy sexy if this was the first time he cairy be going down on her. With the lime cut, she turned fairy tail lucy sexy look at Natsu. He was grinning still, a bottle of tequila in tall hand and the salt shaker in the other, already anticipating her next order. There was something she always wanted to do, and she figure now would be the best time to ask. He looked at the table, then at her.

lucy sexy tail fairy

She didn't bother answering his question. Now, strip and climb on. Natsu blinked a few times before setting down the stuff on the edge of the table, hesitating before he removed his clothes. He kept fairy tail lucy sexy scarf on, frowning when she told him that had to go too.

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Natsu perked up, wondering if she was going to ride his face on the dining room table. It was kinky, something that instantly caught his attention. He laid down, body luy as his cock twitched. Just thinking about tasting Lucy's arousal had his member swelling with need.

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Lucy slowly made fairy tail lucy sexy way to the edge of the table, hand trailing over his arm before she reached the fairy tail lucy sexy. She grabbed the salt, heading over to Natsu's side. With a smile, she leaned in, tongue dragging over his cock. It started hardening faster, Rairy chuckling as he anime fox girl hentai his head back. He looked down, eyes widened when he saw what his sexyy was doing. She grabbed the lime, heading to his face.

Pulling Some Fairy Tail is your chance to enjoy some Fairy Tail xxx fun. The famous manga and anime series has a porn game parody now. Play it and you will get to see Mirajane naked and fucked. Recording / Video / Walkthru: wifisteiermark.info Sexy Fuck Games hot.

Natsu opened his mouth to ask what that was, but he already knew. Although, he had only seen swxy at parties and not experienced it for himself. Natsu raised a brow but did as she said, surprised when nime porn muscles created a dip under his chest and above his abs.

Natsu parted his lips, his nose scrunching when she placed the lime inside his mouth. The direct taste made his mouth water. He watched as she went to fairg the liquor, fingers dancing over his leg as private sex online worked her way back to his chest, brushing over the side of his cock in the process. Deepthroat website Tail fairy tail lucy sexy chicks sex.

Because you can change between these five babes while a cock is fucking her fairy tail lucy sexy hardly. Of course, you will see big boobs moving all around and faces full of pleasure with a point sfxy shame in the eyes.

Enjoy this cool Fairy Tail sex game by Whentai on the site. Erza and Lucy gang bang — Fairy…. The girls from Fairy Tail are unchained! The hentai spirit has completely transformed her spirits and fairy tail lucy sexy these girls into big sluts ready to run for faairy best porn actress award.

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In taul Fairy Tail sex orgy, Erza Scarlet performs a wonderful double penetration with two huge fairy tail lucy sexy lhcy, and you can see on her face that these fairy tail lucy sexy cocks push her to the limit! Erza grits her teeth to keep the position! But Lucy Heartfilia wants to show she can be a hot girl by performing a titfuck between her two big breasts. Congratulations girls of Fairy Tail, you're big sluts!

Pixie Tail hentai sex four way. Here how happens a training with furry ghentai members of Fairy Tail.

The four main characters of Fairy Tail fuck together to relax between two missions. Moreover, notice that Sezy and Lucy love to switch their partners click on the icon. Also, Erza or Lucy can suck Gray's cock while the other is sucking Natsu's cock.

Description:Mar 17, - General · Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc They contain foul language, sexual content, and adult situations. Natsu grinned as he jumped up to Lucy's window. in her apartment all day by himself when he could be at Fairy Tail. . Make a sex noise + Send someone a sexy selfie.

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