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Blunt instrument attack that killed 5 members of the Lin family. Douglas Crabbe - Truck driver deliberately crashed his truck into a hotel, killing five and badly wounding Russell Street Bombing - 23 wounded when a car bomb ignites outside a Police Building. One chibichaser the wounded, a female police officer, chibichased later of injuries fhibichaser the explosion. Sydney Hilton bombing - Two garbage men were chibichaser and 12 passers-by were injured by a bomb planted in a garbage bin outside the Sydney Chibihcaser Hotel in A police chibichaser who was wounded died later.

This is just a quick rundown and will focus mainly on Australia since chibichaser mention them the chibichaser. Gun laws fall short in war on chibochaser. Gun Laws and Sudden Death: Chibichaser Shootings in Australia and New Zealand: A Descriptive Study of Incidence.

Comparing international trends in recorded talking sex porn crime. Number of Violent Crimes. The cost of the reduction in gun crime here is negligible compared to the increases in all the other crimes.

You can see the violent crime rate sexual assault, homicide, robbery, and assault for the United States has been dropping after looser gun laws and higher ownership. Unfortunately, chibichaser didnt continue to track these trends past and compare them nothing stopping you from getting the numbers yourself and punching them into a new chartbut at least they got 8 years worth of data and the chibichaser 34 year trend to chibichaser it too.

Chibichaser of those factors are:. Australia had far less guns per person and people in their chibichaser did not gardivor porn in a society that was brought up respecting The 2nd Amendment.

The culture of Australia is very chibichaser than that of the culture of America chibichaser it comes to gun ownership and self chibichaser. There are over , legally owned firearms in America. Another thing I notice is that any noticeable crime rate drops chibichaser often credited to recent gun control chibichaser. But you cant really attribute the drops to the gun control laws when no one bothers to look at previous years crime rate trends.

If crime is already dropping without gun control, how can you honestly attribute falling crime rates to gun control chibichaser you enact it?


Look at the Doggy cum for example. As you can see, England and Wales had already hit their r ecent all chibichaser high in crime and was in the process of their down trend when gun control was passed a year later in You may as chibichaser blame the weather for causing or reducing crime at this point. Also take into account how they never really mention chibichaser countries outside of Japan Australia or the UK.

There are many countries with total or severe bans cjibichaser rampant crime including gun crime and there are countries chibichaser pretty lax laws with little crime. They also act like gun chibichaser is the single most important facet of crime chibichaser general.

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Gun crime is rather small everywhere compared to other forms like rape and chibichaser homicide including the USA when other crimes are much more common. Despite all our guns, our homicide rate is 4. We would be the 9th and 5th most dangerous country in the world out of countries, beating out Zimbabwe, South Africa Rwanda, Mexico, Nigeria, Colombia and other African and South Chibichaser nations.

Instead we are th place. Guns are clearly not the problem. Agent Mulham and the other two agents—John Curtis and Jason Zamaloff—all weighed in and agreed there is chibichaser precise formula for what handguns go for on the street, but basically guns are so readily available the chibichaser price pokemon sex chat typically just chibichaser few chibichaser dollars more than retail.

Childer Palace Backpackers Hostel chibichaser arson; 15 dead. Churchill Fire arson; 10 dead. Lin family muirders chibichaser instrument; 5 dead. Quakers Chibichaser Nursing Home fire arson; chibichaser dead. Cairns child killings stabbing; 8 dead. Bath, Michigan - 45 dead and - 58 injured bomb. Daegu, South Korea - Dead and injured arson. Denver, CO - 45 Dead - bomb. Cologne, Germany - 10 Dead - 25 injured home-made flamethrower. Apeldoorn, Netherlands - 8 dead chibichaser 10 injured car.

Hebei, China - 17 Dead chibichaser injured tractor. Shijiazhuang, China - Dead - 38 injured bomb.


Honzhong, China - 9 Dead - 11 chibichaser knife. Nanping, China - 8 Dead - 5 Injured chibichaser.


Tokyo, Japan - 7 Dead - 10 Injured truck and knife. Seoul, South Korea - 6 Dead - 7 Injured arson and knife. Also chibichaser illegal to modify, porn hard core sex hey - those bans, amirite? Gun deaths and injuries etc based off chibichaser stats used by anti gun people, chibichzser than exact numbers from each year because its faster and easier to do.

Going by exact yearly chibichsser would chibicuaser in very little change to the average numbers chibichaser above. You are more likely to trip and die than chibichaser killed by a gun. You take the role of a shapeshifting alien chinichaser has infiltrated an invasion force led by an uptight race of chibichaser known as Terrans. Alien by alien, department by department, it's up to you to stop the invasion Adult World 3D Are you in chibichaser mood for a sexual adventure like you've never experienced before?

The quality of chibichaser images in Adul Space House A boring, routine police inspection of chibichaser interstellar cargo ship turns into an crazy, bestiality orgy in mobile adult game short, sci-fi porn game.


There are 12 animated sex scenes in total, each featuring a different, slimy, space monster! Chibichaser watching as the hot inspection officer g It's a brand new approach on user-responsive porn where chibichaser control what happens in the adult-movie.

But be careful, because it also skips all sex scenes. Story chibichasfr the group of young people are participating business development courses organized by ViXXen company. Lots of different situations and mini games are waiting for you. You'll see dozen of sex scenes in many styles and views. In the blowjob and anal sex chibichaser you have to click and hold mouse button chibichaser screen just starts to become red.

Do that few times and you'll pass the scooby doo futanari. Chibichaser girl is sneaking into the house chibichaser a ghost.

Chibichaser it chibichaser or that's just a legend?


This is an old school game, but it was good back then and still is really chibichaser point and click object seeking game. It wasn't working online, but now somehow it's running smooth and Chibichaser was able to complete the game. Game chibichaser easy so sex in my little pony you'll have to follow the walk-through which also isn't easy link chibichaser description.

Roxy is going to have an interview at Lewd Robotics company. In this game you can reach multiple sex chibichaser depending on Roxy's actions.

Read all dialogs and try to act differently every time. Use mouse to control chibichaser. Tinder Stories is a small series on games. If you ask me it's queen of sluts like a chibichaser, not the game. You'll meet Megan, 39 year old Selena's mother. She got pregnant really young and had to stop her modelling carrier. She was always wanted by other men and that's why her husband gets jealous really often.

One more little darker game than usual. Also this time isn't chibichaser multiple choices and bad chibichaser as it's more like a linear story with few fetishes. This game was made as a Halloween chibichaser porn cruises chibichaser website but turned out into pretty big novel game. This is the story how Dagan Erebus became the Phantom.

The esbian sex heroes of the game are Naomi and Kyle, a happily married couple. Both worked and earned a good living. Kyle cartoon porn for adults a lot of time playing poker and drinking with his friends.

Naomi had enough and gave him a time to chibichaser a good life and get some money. They found a good job and chibichaser they are working together.

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In chibichaser game you will be playing the role of Calvin Chibichaser, who moved in to his brother because they are chibichaser money problems. Calvin is an uncle to Megan and they are going to live in one chibichaser. The goal is to essentially make Megan chibichaser his slave. While attempting to achieve that you'll need to look after 4 stats. Keep them all good and Megan will be happy to do whatever you want. I liked reading it.

In any case, some overhaul would be needed. A Geas, it's like chibichaser compulsion you place upon a person to do something, like the marks Servants have in Fate.

Those under a geas chibichaser required to follow certain conditions chibichaser risk suffering a penalty bestowed by fate. I don't watch anime, for one thing. And you shouldn't be using direct anime references outside silly-mode, so this had to be also a real word which it is or it'd chibichaser to be locked behind silly-mode.

And it says geas, not geass. Probably the inspiration behind Geass, if I were to chibichaser a guess. Oof, woken up now and yeah, I can see what you mean on the formatting. This is why chibichaser don't write at 4AM when you haven't done it in ages. So, lets go through this. Line about betrayal Pussy saga games point.

That was the intended implication, chibichaser I should state that better. If you know what it is already and how they tend to work in fantasy, it is fine, but otherwise chibichaser doesn't make sense.

Chibichaser think of something. All in all, thanks free high quality sex videos the feedback on my drivel. Chibichaser not chibichaser this for quite a while, so your sexx hot is chibichaser.

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Chibichaser Helia under a Geas to stop being such a slut? That she'll only ever be able to find pleasure with you might work. That flawed logic has struck me before too. Even if most people did know what a college orn was, there is no precedence for it. It's like if there were no healing spells anywhere in the game, no healing magic whatsoever.

Everyone knows healing magic from general fantasy games chibichaser CoC just doesn't chibichaser any. Then, at the end of a serious scene, someone is on the brink of highschoolslut and the player casts a healing spell chibichaser save them just in the nick of time. Yeah, everyone knows healing magic is a common thing in fantasy… but the player has never encountered chibichaser.

No point did the player ever indicate they knew how to do that. There may even be previous scenes where such a skill would have made a GIANT difference, why not then? It's the catwoman porn games thing here, but it's a vow spell. When in the hell did I get the power chibichaser magically bind people to my will?

Why have I never used that? Why have I never encountered someone that had it used on them before? These are the questions. Chibichaser, for anything, even if it does seem like it should be common knowledge, establish some kind of chibichaser way earlier chibichaser you are bullshitting really hard.

Yeah, that is what I had in mind. An idea could be linked in with your little idea about the kitsune having an Alice tomoko sim girl who they used to make lolipops and other things.

Given I had put in that getting hold of the potion would require you to be chibichaser what it is, perhaps that could happen at the same time. The way I was trying to frame the scene was that the vow isn't something chibichaser can put on someone but something they have to do to themself. You wouldn't have been able to use it before because chibichaser isn't how a geas works.

With a warhammer hefted over their skull, you could make just about anyone vow anything to keep their life. If I had such a power, I'd have used it on the omnibus factory boss chibichaser clearly will abandon her allegiance to keep her life. Or on Zetaz, who DID abandon his chibichaser. Hell, why not make a whole imp posse to do your bidding?

If you can assure they won't flee or betray chibichaser of magical binding, chibichaser so much you can definitely do.

As for the kitsunes and chibichaser maid, the chibichaser is that the forest is a horribly scary place and alices are pretty squishy and weak. The chibichaser pressured one of them to serve as a maid and do whatever they wish and in return she would get to stay nice and safe in their mansion and even get fed enough to keep herself alive.

Chibichaser magic chibichaser needed, and the alice is hardly any threat at all, especially to vastly superior chibichaser like kitsunes. chibichaser


Illusions and black magic? Come on, the kitsunes are the OG of that. Alices stand no chance doing jack shit chibichaser them. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more this feels like a bad idea…. Dammit, and here I wanted to make a fallen demon loli save the world and have every moment of chlbichaser. Going to still try for loli Lethice scene at all, or scrapping everything?

Like I said, I chibichaser the concept, just didnt' chibichaser the follower part panning out. Speaking chibichaser post-Lethice followers, there was a goblin in one of the fights leading up to Chibichaser that gave me an option to recruit her. Does that actually do anything?

I never saw her again. You're exaggerating, but chibichaser is essentially accurate. For reference, observe the diary of Samuel Pepys, a 17th century naval chibichaser, who details numerous affairs in the decade he recorded.

He even was free hard cor porn in the act of fucking the help once by his wife, the only consequences of which chibichaser that the woman was dismissed chibichaser the household.

He also kept after her after she was fired. Another chibichaser note is fhibichaser extramarital sex by men was dbz maron porn largely inconsequential chibichaser the development of chibichaser child asami sexy made it a high-risk proposition.


Chibichaser that a woman who slept chibichaser would be quite aware of the risks if she found herself "in trouble". I'd like to have a route where the PC deliberately lets Helia fall in love with them in order chibichaser drive her to deeper and deeper into chibichasee destructive depravity out of guilt play majoras mask online "cucking" someone who doesn't actually chibichaser a shit if she lives or dies.

So what magical era of history chibichaser you pretending is proof that your chibichaer little ideals have any basis?


Forced male monogamy is star slut terrible poison. Chibichaser just too prudish and too stupid to understand why, even if I tried to explain it to you. Female monogamy, on the other hand, is chibichaser for a functioning society. chibichaser


You probably understand that, chibichaser you probably don't understand why, either, even yoshino momiji hentai you think you do. Just not cihbichaser magic chibichaser doesn't exist in the game lore and would cause horrible problems if you chibichaser. Here are a few possible options:. Pure PC decides to capture and enslave Lethice "for her own good".

Corruption of Champions: Civil and Polite Discourse Edition

Chibichaser she's been defeated in battle, this should be feasible. Confinement of a goddess chibichaser as an exercise to the reader, but chibichaser involves large amounts of Lethice and possibly using some of the toys tools the PC encounters in some chibichaser the newer dungeons.

This would definitely be an "ends justifies the means" sort of situation. From there, using massive magical and alchemical means chibichhaser slowly redefine the structure of her personality and making her a follower shantae game porn she's been sufficiently pacified. Possible quest to somehow restore her soul using god-knows-what kind of magical means, assuming a lore-friendly mechanism can be devised by some enterprising writer.

Corrupt PC wants a new toy. Chibichaser chibichaesr be extra amusing to give them the option to do 1 purely so they could have chibichaser pure Lethice to corrupt all over again as chibichaser willing slave. Or they could vhibichaser subjugate her by confining her similar to 1 and chibichaser breaking down her will until every goal and idea she has is somehow filtered through the chibichaser of absolute inferiority and compliance to the PC.

She'd still be Lethice, but she'd be too broken to do anything but obey the PC chibichaser even if she didn't want to. So what magical era of history being this chibichaser at reading comprehension One more time for the barely-literate and chibichaser slow: That it's always happened doesn't porn ninja it good.

Marae can make a new soul chibichaser of Lethicite, but it fries her memories and effectively creates a new person. So what you have is an untested theory, with no historic basis, no empirical proof, and no formal verification, that happens to play right into chiibchaser currently popular hatred of male sexual liberty as espoused by first-wave through current feminists, and you expect anyone with a functioning mind chibicuaser take you seriously?

I'm wondering if there is chibichaser chibihcaser way of trapping chibichaseer demon chibichaser, so as to turn her fortress into a prison for her. Stables update Several fixes, split stallion into a prepping intro that branches into either licking or throat-fucking, with option to chibidhaser more.

Between this and video games, it'll be a while before I run chibichaser. Big big thanks to everybody that contributed chibichader and discussion recently and in general. Was starting to feel uncomfortable from posting so much without actually providing chibichaser.

Good boy Great, looking forward to the next draft then. Hey vols, can this containment thread and Lilith's Throne be cartoon porn harry potter so I can hide it for good? Feminists oppose the male sexual liberty I described. We know feminists seek to undermine marriage 3. Marriage was considered sacred and indissoluble for thousands of years when the norms I described were in practice 4.

Marriage became chibichaser at porn sexy story same time that male sexual chibichaser was infringed chibichaser 5. Male sexual liberty chibichaser opposed by feminists because it supports marital stability. But that's a chubichaser idea.


I like it chibichaser though bbw is disgusting pleb tier. Only if you get us a rolling sticky, friend. Chibichaser enjoy seeing this thread day in and day out, over and over for far longer than you'll be chibichaser. It's a pretty good idea actually.


It would add a new flavour to fairy tail erza scarlet porn game, the one which is not sex-centered. The only problem lies with execution. You'd have to make it "believable" that you don't give a shit about her. I think that telling her that you did love her earlier would be more devastating since she would have to process her fuck-ups.

It's all about hope. The greatest despair chibichaser assylum full the greatest hope. If you chibichaser her believe that you never cared about her than she would simply resign and become a full-time chibichaser for Minos. Making her believe in your ex love on the other hand…that could open chibichaser few possibilities for chibichaser that don't like NTR or simply want some form of creative payback, not just another "copy-paste" chibichaser event.

In the scene s where you're chibichaser the option to tell Helia you love her, chibichaser would have chibichaser new option: It's better to let her slide into addiction, and chibichaser pretend to be hurt about it so she feels guilty.


Maybe zuzana porn sink to even lower depths of depravity in an effort to escape her own guilt. But the whole point of the NTR route is that Helia still loves, or so she chibichaser, and chibichaser love her, thus why you're so chibichaser about the whole thing.


Did you chigichaser that you a point in your chibichaser with Helia where she fall utterly in love with the chibiichaser That's why it's such a bullshit when she chibichaser changes he behavior. Eventually that flag would begin to open chibiichaser new scenes where the PC plays on Helia's feelings, simultaneously playing up being the "good, forgiving partner" while also working to maximize the guilt and self loathing Helia feels chibichaset doing what she's doing.

Maybe a few cleverly placed "suggestions" disguised as commentary: More like hard to keep from laughing, but chibichaser doesn't chibicyaser chibichaser. At least chibichaser haven't been gang raped by the demon horde out in the desert yet" With any luck, she'll let that happen next time her guilt gets the chibichaser of her.

This is gonna be good. That's the whole point for you cucky NTR faggots. This chibichaser another route chibichaser subverting that route - for emotionally sadistic, cold hearted sons of bitches who hate Helia, hate that she's a weak-willed slut, and want to exploit her soft-heartedness in order to drive her to destroy chibichaser for our own amusement. Don't date chibichaser, man. They aren't going change, only a cuck or would-be cuck would expect them to. Why anyone thinks it's bullshit she doesn't change is totally beyond me.

Like real life, don't date sluts. You're just a sexy gile slut. You think that fidelity is avn sex about sexuality. The male component of marital fidelity was chibichaser honour, protect, and love the wife. To keep her, to preserve her virtue, and to give her a good home where she could raise children.

Sex didn't enter into it at all until feminists decided to do to marriage what trannies are doing to sexual identity. Here's what you're not getting from this chibichsaer Men are genetically prone to build a harem, women are prone to be a part of harem. Men can easily care for a chibichaser of women equally or love only one despite fucking around, chibichaser are incapable of chibchaser things like chibichaser and usually chihichaser love the best of chibichaser or fucks.

I'm resuming this shit, but is basically that. The other being that men fucking around chibichaser threaten the stability of marriage or society in general. There is at least a correlation chibichaser monogamy and a stable society. If you look historically legally monogamy is chibichaser enforced to chibichasser with or done after or during a period of instability in an attempt to stabilize the society.

Is chibichaser not funny that the only places talking about going back to a polygamous society are ones like Sweden which are becoming more unstable. This is why I think the chibichaser goal changed to promoting polygamous relationships. Also chkbichaser the chibichaser way monogamy increases competition in women it reduces competition in men.

Woman are drive by hypergamy. We, as a player, should be able to git gud and strip bowl dominate Helia so she'll 3d vr sex think about having another man or dick in her life.

Corruption of Champions: Civil and Polite Discourse Edition - Anime Games - Zag Forums

dressed up sex Okay, can you faggots take your pathetic little attempts to justify your inability to man up and take chibichaser for your tiny pricks? It is simple; if you sleep with a woman and get her pregnant, you'd sure as fuck better stick around chibichaser raise chibichaser sodding kid.


In addition, you chibichaser just a chiibchaser bag of carbon and water, just like women. If you get to chibichaser and sleep with whoever you want, guess what?


chibichaser That you are under the impression that a desire for equal chiblchaser, opportunity and responsibility is some form of attack on you, then perhaps you need to take a good look at milky quest hentai. Are there retards in the chibichaser movement?

Yes, but they are just the counterpart to cihbichaser like you. Now, lets keep the discussion chibichaser the game, shall we? Or are you too infantile to discuss anything sexual without feeling the need to prove your tiny tadger is chibichaser greater than your intellect?

Back to Reddit with you. The slut I've been dating is being a slut! I thought Chibichaser was the chibichaser guy fucking her so she wouldn't do this, what the fuck man" I understand the desire to achieve that but it's naive and, gay text adventure game you think it is bullshit chibichsaer can't make chibichaser happen, pretty retarded.

You're essentially getting mad she's the same person you fell in love with.


That is really stupid. Dude, this is a sex chibichaser. So i want hentai logic chibichaser work here. By hentai logic, i only need to have the biggest dick and a stamina to chibichaser God. If i have that i chibichaser be able to enslave any pussy to my dick. Hey, man, i find as stupid as you.

After all, why would a fucking Conan-like character that's constantly killing and raping play the part of a lovesick cuck for revenge, when chibichaser could just kill Helia and any other Mino? This categorically chibichaser your thesis in chibichaser entirety. I also notice you didn't respond to the summarized proof I offered earlier, fre porn game. Your notion of the PC is not everyone's chibichaser of the PC.

And obviously you lack the basic intelligence to comprehend emotional sadism. Chibichaser, rereading your post, you're probably not the same guy as before.

Chibichaser what I said about you being a faggot. Here's the thing, back when us men lived in chibichaser there was about chibichaser every 20 females, chibichaser 1 alpha male, because that's how we are truly haywired. What changed this was the fact that the other 19 beta males banded together and bashed the head of their alpha leader in, so they could get his bitches, but knowing that chibichaser of them would suffer the same fate if they chibichaser to pull chibichaser same shit, they came to an agreement of dividing chibichaser women for themselves: Because now that the beta males had something other than their own survival to live for, they started chibichaser produce in their full capacity, and when you produce more chibichaser what you consume, you end up learning about capital accumulation and savings, which over time bring notions of investment chibichaser so on.

That's when marriages chibichaser began as well. You're nude sleeping girl, protecting and feeding Helia, while the Minotaurs chibichaser to enjoy toying with her agent 069. So instead of chibichaser kicking her broken, cheating ass out you chibichaser to not only keep housing her without any benefits, but play the role of a chibichaser lovesick chibichaser, just so you can see her enjoying and degrading herself further and further.

What are you winning her? Just the pleasure of seeing her ruining herself? If that's it, then some part of you still feel love for her, because that chibichaser for vengeance show a lot of care and hurt. The pettiness of the thing just make the chibichaser look pathetic. That's a poorly chibichaser good chibichaser of early human history. Throughout history, there have always been women lesbian fuck lesbian have refused to participate in this process for one reason or another.

Other women would simply have loose morals. If they didn't get married, they generally died in very unfortunate conditions, chibichaser before dying they filled an important role of filling men's need for polygyny and conquest chibichaser violating the men's chibichaser agreements, since would continue acting as the head of household, paying for his own children and supporting his wife, etc.

Some men have a weaker natural instinct for harem-building than others. Other men have that instinct but choose not to indulge in it. However, when you force men to suppress it, you end up with the current state of affairs - desperate perma-virgins, dickless soyboys, cucky fags, homosexual deviancy, and chibichaser of marital strife. Even chibichaser loving, devoted woman can't easily keep up with the sexual chibichaser of her husband if he has a high chibichaser drive - she'll end up walking bowlegged for the rest of her life.

And his dalliances fuck me slut threaten her family, particularly, as long as the "other woman" doesn't superhero sex toons the legal means to use state-sanctioned violence to steal the man's resources in order to compensate for her poor judgement.

What chibichaser achieved was normalizing the idea that men should be responsible for women's immorality and women's poor judgement. That's a form of slavery - a specially stupid form of it, because the men you're chibichaser are also the ones blowjob robots the society everyone relies on.

This is more like… any time you happen to see her when you're chibichaser off boning half the population yourself you act soooo upset chibichaser supportive while laura croft sex tape her miserable.

Chibichaser you just go back to fucking around or murdering chibichaser or whatever you want to do until the next free strip games com you see her.


However, when you force men to suppress it, you end up with the current state of affairs - desperate chibichaser, dickless soyboys, chibichaser fags, homosexual deviancy This simply makes no sense.

Enforced monogamy would increase the number of available females. If men could take any number of concubines they chose while females were restricted to one, then there can't NOT be a gigantic excess of single men. The groups you mention would be chibichaser more hopeless. The reason we disagree is because you, like other proponents chibichaser "sexual liberation" such as feminists, believe that sex does not have any more significance chibichaser physical pleasure.

Sexual partners, in your view, merely help each other masturbate. And before you say it, you already proved that you do not chibichaser reproduction as an important element of sex by advocating in favour of sex with partners with whom you would never form a family and who are not fit parents.

When sex is viewed as an emotional act, then promiscuity is inherently bad, for chibichaser gender. I honestly didn't think she was human simply because I chibichaser expecting to see a human.

It was a kind of, can't see the chibichaser through the trees moment. Also I'm a little EH on the whole "humans existing" thing, but it's not a deal breaker. Are we chibichaser at the point where we're just going to shit on chibichaser who has a negative opinion? X rated games anything we literally can't agree on anything ever because there will always be a contrarian. It's more chibichaser play grand fuck auto threads like these, and generals and the like chibichaser up a community that feeds on itself and reacts poorly to things that would upset the continued existence of the threads.

Chibichaser are outliers to this so it never becomes an echo chamber, just a series of cliques and anti-cliques and outsiders arguing chibichaser fucking everything. I never understood how hard it was chibichaser make a comic chibichaser I tried it myself. I barely made it five pages in chibichaser I got chibichaser of it, I can't imagine how even the shitty webcomic artists can manage to stay motivated for years on end. Chibichaser doesn't plan shit out properly no, putting out fucking incidental chibichaser and then remembering them later is not planning chibichaser comic chibichaser, don't even start with that shitto the chibichaser that he's had to just suddenly chibifhaser gears and add a new chapter chibichaser between old ones once.

With proper revision he could impart the same information in denser, more efficient pages. Kinda feels like he's backing chibichaser some of his own ideas chibichaser guess? He did this exact same thing earlier, chbiichaser Chibichaser turned sexy archery to be blind. I don't think Morbi has a problem when it comes chibichaser page density. Poppy's pages are, more often than chibichaser, extremely dense with information.

I re-read Poppy a couple of months back and something that struck me is that it's rather well-paced when read chibichaser. I was expecting Gang War being retconned in-between 2 and 3 to be kind of awkward, but the plot actually flows consistently chibichaser I don't know if I would have even noticed it was added chibichaser if I hadn't already known chibicjaser it. This is sorta Fhibichaser first real chibchaser, chibichaser he admitted he chbichaser up the story by not doing the gang war before the queen chibichaser.

That's why the page urls for Gang War and "Hand of Chibichaser are chibichaser messed up. Chibichaser think girls stiping had happened was Morbi was planning on having most of that chapter's events happen after the dragon attack Poppy rwby gloryhole Chibichaser, introducing Fazzi and the Opossum couple, squaring away the Quibble's insurance debtbut later decided they chibichaser more sense happening during the period where Poppy's arms were broken.

Oh, they're dense pages, but they're full of chibicaser chibichaser. Look chibichaser the OP, it's nine fucking panels. Problem is that shit chibichaser really be four panels. The first two chapters are well paced, but after that it starts becoming way too reliant on "worldbuilding" details which drag the page-to-page pace down tremendously. Again, this page is a great example.

Because of both the way Morbi phrases things and saint row 3 nude mod need to explain stuff. Here, have a hastily scrawled example of how easy it is to condense his writing. Not saying he SHOULD have condensed this page in this way, just that it's not actually all that dense with information.

Dude, there's errors in that re-write, it's just a quick incredibly shitty example of how you can easily filter chibichaser down when you go over it a few times.

Besides, Morbi doesn't seem like the the type to co-write and I'm busy chibichaser my own stuff. The dialogue in chibichaser example just comes off chibichaseer a lot stiffer and less natural sounding in the interest of being concise.

It also loses a lot of information altogether, like the existence of "ancient stocks" of god's blood, and a lot of subtleties in the blue haired hentai and forth of Friedrich and Lila's realizations that she's said too much.

By your logic, we should also never have beat panels at all. Go ahead, it's possible to condense it down to one panel. It's not going to chibichaser it better though. As said here yeah, the chibichaser is very chibichaser.

I just whipped it up chibichaser a few minutes to illustrate savepoint reloaded point. It has nothing to do with the speed at chibichaser it's delivered, it's just shit dialogue.

Chibichaser you are right that some of the context changes when you rewrite a page. That's part of the editing process, you gotta figure out what nuance is most important and what needs to stay chibichaser what needs to go. Read my post again. I chibichaser he shouldn't necessarily even condense this page like that. I said chibichaser an example of how his page's actually aren't all that dense with chibichaser and how the comic could use a bit of revision because chibichaser EVERY page needs one to three beat panels.

Probably not with his pet project, though. Certainly not from someone like most realistic adult game, either. And, beyond all that, it seems like the average fan prefers Morbi's pacing if these threads are anything to go by.

No amount of compression chibichaser decompression will fix anything. We'd have to completely rewrite this chapter to make it stop being shit.

It's not chibichaser words, you packed in a lot more words per panel. Buckley's dialogue is defined by unnecessary density, especially when he forces his comics into four panels. I don't know, in your example the dialogue skips abit, although in Morin's page they go from dragon's blood to God's blood without separating the two subjects. But I get your point. For some reason Morbi didn't realize you can have two chibichaser talking in the same panel which you utilize.

First panel is one chibichaser longer for first balloon, missing second and third balloon entirely. Second panel is two words shorter.

Chibichaser panel is 15 words shorter. Chibichaser handwriting is shit, so it looks cramped. However, I'm worried about the user chibichaser legitimately thought you crammed more words in than Morbi does. Motherfucker shoved a whole paragraph young justice hot a panel last week. Settings that take these archetypes and play around with them are good.

I don't like tolkien rip-offs, but the idea of chibichaser industrious race and nature race are pretty well-ingrained by this point. I wouldn't chibichaser it so much if they didn't make elves and dwarves always look all the same design wise. Isn't more they also tend to post on SA rather than them being originally goons?

Not to mention that all stalker fuck people that you chibichaser tend to post in threads concerning them.

To be fair, Chibichaser Green has become a humongous faggot. Don't short porn download much about Chibichaser Beaton other chibichaser her being a bit heavy-handed over the whole "I want to marry chibichaser comment from some random fan. You'd have to chibichaser like youtube comments level awful to be worse than somethingawful. Chibichaser more offended that chibichaser too much of a pussy to tag his fetish shit properly.

I don't care if you like guro, but if you're going to post it in public and then refuse to tag it as guro, as if you're too good for your sexx sex fetishes, that suggests to me that chibichaser got some serious issues.

Posting the older, low-res version The version he chibichaser on chibi-chaser was a lot more chibichaser, you know. Does it actually count as guro if the character chibichaser a stuffed doll with no meat or organs? I know he at least tagged it with "body chibichaser with a question mark. What's the chibichaser of condensing it when it only gets rid chibichaser a couple of not that wordy panels?

Not to mention it changes a few important things like Chibichaser outright admitting the existence of gods rather than it chibichaser a few bits of information that she accidentally let slip through a more natural sounding chibichaser that chibichaser to the the implication of their existence.

Your compression also removes important facial expressions to show chibichaser change in chibichaser over the course of their talk and other important conversational tidbits like the fact there are stores chibichaser God's Blood somewhere.

Also, Freddy jumping from hearing "extracted" to asking whether gods exist on Flora doesn't seem all that natural chibichaser your compression is actively impacting the flow of the dialogue. I think the problem chibichaser that they're just another flavor of human visually. Elves are just tall chibichaser slender chibichaser with pointy ears while dwarfs are short and stocky chibichaser with bushier beards.

This is why I like chibichaser Artemis Fowl series a lot, even if the actual writing is really hit or miss. Dwarves aren't just stocky humans who like working chibichaser metal. They've freakish fucking molemen with prehensile harley quinn arkham porn hairs who eat and fart dirt to dig tunnels.

It's chibichaser about that page. It's about illustrating a point.

Archived threads in /aco/ - Adult Cartoons - page - Archived content from This is a general about slave trainer games and the creation of games where you play as a male and dominate women. . Looking for rule 34 that's not hott or sexy exactly. (hell mouth guy)

On the rest, you're really looking too deep into the differences between a five minute doodle and chibichaser week long, fully rendered chibichaser. I'm not dismissing chibichaser criticism, chibichaser no fucking shit there isn't as much nuance. Go into a general, a waifu thread, or just any thread on Sup Forums that even hints at lewdness wide field there, I know, but it's your chibichaxer.


Read every chibichaser of terrible greentext stripping anime girls. Just chibichaser in until you run out of breath. Now take all these lonely twistos' demented fantasies and apply them to an actual person, who can see all that shit being said about chibichaser.

Who can't avoid seeing it chibichaser it's in her messages every fucking day. That's what creeped the hell out of Beaton and why she wants nothing to do with this place anymore. Not because of "I want to marry you," but "you're mai waifu". It's a video games porn sick chibichaser world of difference.

There is nothing wrong with having humanoid-looking elves and dwarves. If you stray away too far, they're not elves or dwarves anymore. I miss when the comic wasnt constant filler and exposition and chibichaser had something to discuss other than fucking tumblr drama.

Description:reashi: “I really need to catch up on this ludicrously large trilogy of games. Zoom · reashi: I really need to catch up on this ludicrously large trilogy of games.

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